Almost There

Sometimes in life

Feels like no matter how hard you try

You just can’t quite get to where you want to go

Keep your head up


Feels like I’m all alone

No place to go, no home

See the finish line

Gotta keep it in my sight

With my held high

I give it another try

One more gasp of air

Feels like I’m almost there

Almost There


All right stop, collaborate and listen

Stovetop here, another white rapper rendition

It ain’t Vanilla Ice, it ain’t Eminem

It’s just the Stovetop do I gots to say my name again? 

No matter how I try, can’t put down the pen

No matter how they try, I’m still ahead of them 

The game is on, the race I’m runnin 

Feel it in your veins I bring the heat when I’m comin

But on the real man, what’s a guy to do

When getting everything you want is only cost you?

Maybe lose the friends, maybe lose the girl

Maybe lose your soul but I guess at least I got the world

I got it in my hand and I’m holding tight

Ain’t the size of the dog, just the size of the fight

But can I do it right? If I can’t start over

All that counts is that I don’t lose Lee Stover

Gotta keep him close, like an enemy

Can’t tell the enemies from friends in this life you see

That’s how it is man, you win some you lose

Sometimes you on top, sometimes you sing the blues


And no one can tell me, where to go from here

Been stuck on the same girl for over a year 

I'm on some inspection, looking at my soul

Am I who I wanna be, how can I grow?

Am I almost there?

Man I don't know 

Nothing to do but put my nose down and go

And where I end up, that's where I'll be

No matter where I go though I gotta put it on me 

Right now it's time to learn, how to be a man

I thank my pops for showing me the best that he can 

He showed me right from wrong, taught me how to be strong 

And when I get knocked down how to move on

the lakes

Oh We on at the lakes

Waitin all year I don't care what it takes

Hit the water and ride the waves

Find me on the beach soaking up the rays 


Ah, is summer here yet? 

Been waiting 9 months to get my swimsuit wet

I got my shades on, aviators dude 

Sun is shining, time to do what it do

Flip flops, don't stop, ok

Stovetop make it hot and we gettin paid

Spend the dough that we saved up for

Summertime feeling fine now it's time to roll

Uh huh, party people what's good 

Yeah we hold it down til it's understood

Got my team with me, and we winning tho

What you think I spend this time on the grind for

Every weekend we throwing down proper

Stovetop aka party starter 

So Sick with it call the doctor

Swag when We step, the lakes never falter


Relaxing to the max over at west lake

Jump on a jet ski

That's my escape

Check me in my v-neck white tee

Maybe sport Okoboji University

I'm on that pontoon, no Little Big Town

People say what's up every time I come around

We on that Green Space, we crowd surfing 

Rep the lakes just the way that they deserving 

This a Stove beat, I'm bringing Stove heat

Hear this jam in the whip down the street

Barefoot, Barracos

When I'm in town I gotta rock those 

Grab Taco House, roll to The Gardens 

Ball so big like my name James Harden 

Swish, all day

Haters gonna hate, we don't care what they say


Arnolds Park poppin, Hand me nutty bar,

We at lakes everybody here's a star

I cruise the loop for a time or two 

Windows down takin in the view

I’m at 3 Sons, I’m at The Emporium 

Get my shop on you don't got worry hun

Doin this thing til the break of dawn

Somebody tell the lakes that the party's on

Ride with me

Baby come ride with me 

Wanna know why? Just come on and see

Girl I know I am all you need

So hop on in and let your mind be free, yeah yeah


Hey girl, what's up?

Oh nothin why don't we meet up?

I know you're bored, so let's cruise

Why you trippin you got nothin to do

Nothin to lose and I got nothin to prove

Except for the fact I'm the one for you 

We can talk, we can chill

Roll your window down, do what you feel 

System up, speakers loud

By the time we're done we gonna own this town, so 


See the street lights, speeding by?

Hand out the window feeling like you can fly

Move it up, move it down

People turn their heads when they hearing the sound

Of your laugh comin out of my ride

Nothing better than you by my side

Modern day, Bonnie and Clyde

Cruising through the city, they gonna know us tonight

Infamous, like a legend

I get you anything you ever imagines

You need a man, well, I’m right here

It’s up to you now, your turn to steer, so