New Video, Who Dis?

Let me tell you a story about a young, impressionable freshman whose love of hip-hop music leads him to looking up to some upperclassmen that are big in the NWC rap game. He follows in their footsteps to bring the h* name all across campus and beyond. He even mentions these upperclassmen in many of his songs. Then, without warning, they turn on him, releasing a diss track like none the world has ever heard. Well. Thankfully there is justice. I give you, the h* comeback. New song + video. 

But seriously this was a blast to make. There are so many inside jokes and small things that you really need to pay attention to. A lot of subtle and not so subtle references to things that maybe you'll only really understand if you went to NWC and/or lived in Heemstra Hall. I've got huge love for Casey and Tiny! I love beefs that aren't real!

If you didn't go to NWC or live in Heemstra, don't worry! I will explain everything, well, mostly everything in an upcoming commentary. Stay tuned for some fun behind the scenes access.